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Our charity organization to have helped over 3400 orphans from Ukraine so far...

Universal Aid for Children has existed for more than 20 years, and whose help reaches different parts of Ukraine. Thanks to the work of the organization and its participation in the lives of orphans deprived of parental care, migrants from military conditions, children with difficult family conditions, children with disabilities, and difficult health situations, their life paths are changing...

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Our monthly "Scholarship" program for over 100 students since 1997

For many years our charity organization has had a Scholarship program for orphans, focused on assistance and social adaptation, which is based on family principles. Graduates of orphanages when they go into real life, do not understand how to live outside...

Our Scholarship program for orphans

Help for refugees from occupied region Donbass and Crimea

Russian aggression in Ukraine forced tens of thousands of Ukrainians to change their place of permanent residence. At the moment, the UAC is cared for by over 700 refugees, including over 100 children and over 200 disabled people.Our refugee wards are housed in two camps in the countryside...

Help to refugee from Eastern Ukraine

Help for orphans with special needs from Odessa and Odessa region

Orphans with special needs who live in orphanages often do not have access to the education they deserve. Universal Aid for Children charity organization seeks to help these children with special needs reach their full potential by providing an activity where they can self-study or with teachers. ...

Help to orphans with special needs

Our project by region of Ukraine


More than 6,000 orphans live in Odessa and Odessa region

There are 68 boarding schools and orphanages in Odessa and the Odessa region. This is more than 10% of the total in Ukraine. We support graduates of orphanages in Odessa.


Donetsk and Luhansk - more than 1,400,000 refugees

The total number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine is 1 million 423 thousand 269 people, of which 36 thousand 808 people live in Odessa and Odessa region.


The Autonomous Republic of Crimea - more than 40 thousand internally displaced persons

More than 3,200 of them live in Odessa and the Odessa region. More than half of refugees only have enough money for food, or they even have to save on food.

let's together make this world a better place today

let's together make this world a better place today

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