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In this category you will find all the materials about the practice of charity between the USA and Ukraine, our organization has been doing charity work in Ukraine for over 20 years.
We are direct relief charities and provide healthcare, education and emotional support to a child in need. Charity organization societies influence the social life in USA.
Such charity organizations do a great job to improve the lives of orphans, refugees and displaced persons, children with special needs and many other vulnerable people groups.

Charities events near me

We will provide you with full information about the ongoing charities events in USA and Ukraine. On the pages of this site you can find information about charities events near your address and you will be able to take part in some of them. This could be a charity dinner, conference, or sports charities events. To register for a charities event, you may need some information about you, all this is described on the page of a specific charities event.

Some sports charities events require good physical skills, so check with your personal doctor before participating in an sports events. We support a healthy and active lifestyle.

On our website you will get acquainted with the events that Universal Aid for Children organize in Ukraine for orphans, children with special needs and refugee children from Donetsk, Luhansk regions and from Crimea. Events such as Robins Nest Camp, Climate Action, One Peace Day – organized by UAC every year in Odessa, Ukraine.

Our charity case

Universal Aid for Children have a lot of charity cases and we will tell you about them in our articles. UAC have a scholarship program for orphans students and students with special needs. This scholarship program includes:

  • monthly cash aid 50$
  • provide medical care and medicines
  • career guidance and foreign language courses

Since the beginning of the aggression of Russian hybrid troops in the east of Ukraine we start provide humanitarian aid for displaced persons with special needs. This program appeared in 2014, a huge number of internally displaced persons were looking for a peaceful place in Ukraine. Many of the refugees are in Odessa and are settled in compact groups. Universal Aid for Children helps some of them with food, medicine and personal hygiene items for children with special needs.

Simple steps to protect charity scam

Here you will find materials about the security of personal data, we will try to protect you from scam and fraud in charity in simple ways. We will tell you in our articles how to check a charitable organization, how not to get scammed by fake donation collectors and professionals fundraisers. On the pages of our website you will find recommendations from attorney general charities bureau. We hope that our recommendations will help you protect yourself from charities scams. How to protect yourself from charities fraud and scam ? Follow these recommendations:

  1. Find a mention of a charity organization on the internet
  2. Сheck their official site as well as sub sites for domain registration age
  3. Resist emotional pressure and manipulation
  4. Do not share personal information with unverified persons
  5. If you donate online, make sure the site is using a secure connection ( https://)

UAC provide humanitarian aid and help for orphans in Ukraine

Charity donate

You yourself can take part in the fate of an orphan or refugee, for this it is enough to contact us and discuss any means of assistance. If you do not want to contact us, you can donate any amount to Universal Aid for Children. Don’t worry, your funds will always be donated to orphans or refugees in Ukraine.

We are in the top ranking of such organizations as Greatnonprofits and CharityNavigator . You can provide assistance for orphans and refugee childrens from eastern Ukraine. Here you can also support Crimean Tatars refugees and help their families and children with special needs. Please donate our programs for support to a child in need.

Related articles about charity

On these pages you can read articles about charity in Ukraine and the USA. Our countries have been cooperating for more than a quarter of a century in the fields of social and humanitarian assistance, the United States renders great assistance to Ukraine as a reliable ally. This help inspires hope in every Ukrainian that soon there will be real democracy in Ukraine.


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