Orphans and Orphanages in Ukraine need help

Orphans and orphanages in Ukraine are a pressing problem in today’s society. In fact, orphanages are often seen as a way to get rid of unwanted children.

Ukraine is a former Soviet republic located in central Europe. Until 1991, the country was part of the Soviet Union. Since then Ukraine has experienced political upheaval and economic instability.

Since 2004, Ukraine has experienced two revolutions, the so-called “Orange Revolution” and the “Revolution of Dignity” in 2014 in which more than 100 civilians were killed.

Taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine, Russia has occupied Crimea and continues aggressive actions against Ukraine in the Donbass.

Factors that have influenced social policy in Ukraine since 2000:

  • Revolutions
  • Corruption
  • The Ukrainian army has been fighting against the hybrid Russian army since 2014
  • Russia annexed Crimea and continues to occupy parts of Donbass

The humanitarian situation from 2014 in Ukraine is very difficult. Ukraine’s defenders are killed in the war and their children are orphaned, and there is a large number of temporary settlers from the occupied territories. All this creates an additional burden on the Ministry of Social Policy.

In Ukraine, there are over 70 000 children living in orphanages. Many of these children come from poor families, where parents cannot afford to take care of them. The government has tried to solve this problem by providing financial support for orphanages, but it hasn’t worked out very well.

Ukraine has over hundreds of orphanages across the country, and they provide shelter for thousands of children. Volunteers can spend time working directly with these kids, teaching them new skills and giving them love and attention.