Нow our volunteers help orphans

Clara Pascal created this organization, encouraging countless people to voluntarily donate their time and money for the benefit of orphan children on the other side of the world.

We would like to thank our sponsors, coordinators and volunteers in providing assistance to orphans in Ukraine, internally displaced persons from the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as assistance for children with special needs deprived of parental care.

We ask you not to abandon our common good cause, but to continue helping children no matter how hard it is. Together we can overcome any troubles, as well as inspire orphans for a happy adult life.

In our organization, the connecting link with orphans are our coordinators who are located in Odessa and are aware of what social problems an orphan needs to solve:


If we take into account the opinion of experts and parents, we can conclude that children with disabilities the most significant difficulties: health problems, real family difficulties, physical difficulties associated with the restriction of their physical opportunities, ridicule and threats from other children.

For orphans, the most significant problems are the problems of adaptation in the modern environment world, difficulty in learning (uninteresting and difficult), lack of moral / psycho logical support, material difficulties.

With our team we help to solve such problems for orphans, we respond to any difficult everyday situations of our wards

Our US and Ukrainian team

Founder UAC

Clara Pascal

Executive Director UAC

Irina Tishchenko Lujan

Administrative Assistant

Luke Pascal

Refugee Coordinator UAC

Alexey Tishchenko

Program Coordinator UAC

Maxim Kondritsky

Teacher & Mentor

Vera Holostenko


Taya Mladinova

Program Coordinator

Tatiana Litvinova

Program Coordinator

Andriy Maksymov


Alexander Ishchenko

Thank you for your help dear volunteers and partners